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art, fire, circus, robotics

Hitodama is a flame effect system for aerial modern dance. The dancer wears a harness and hangs from a tether made of hoses, signal wires, and steel support cables. Anchored near her center of gravity, she can change orientation easily. The tether is attached to a feedback-controlled, robotic swivel assembly which conducts fuel gases, breathing air, and electrical signals while allowing the dancer to spin effortlessly. At each hand and foot is a propane-fueled thruster with afterburner, similar to those used for precise positioning of spacecraft. Using them, the dancer can propel herself through the air, spin around, and stop. A flame- and heat-resistant suit and breathing apparatus protect the dancer from the hot gases produced by the rockets.

Hitodama is currently in progress, but further development is on hold while we pursue additional funding.

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