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DanceSafe is a harm reduction focused drug abuse prevention program. It seeks to provide information and services to support safer drug use, when abstinence-only programs fail. At its peak, the organization had chapters in 26 cities across the United States. I was the national organization's Technical Director, and was responsible for implementing novel technological solutions for keeping young adults who might experiment with drug use safe.

I wrote the laboratory pill testing interface, which now exists as an independent project at ecstasydata.org. This program allowed the public to anonymously submit tablets for professional analysis. As adulterants in street ecstasy are a major risk for users of the drug, this service was very valuable in alerting the public to the relative danger of each pill as it came on the market. This was implemented using PHP/MySQL, with a frontend for pulling new results from a spreadsheet provided by the laboratory.

I also maintained the website and forums as well as the Filemaker Pro-based order processing backend for ecstasy adulterant screening kits.