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Sonic.net is a regional ISP in Northern California.

I started writing code in grade school, but it wasn't until I started working for Sonic.net at 17 that I got serious about it. During my tenure there, I built all manner of systems. My main responsibility was the entirely custom, in-house accounts receivables system. It's backed by MySQL, witten in Perl, with a PHP frontend and a SOAP interface between the two. It's been continuously refactored and improved over the years, and has now been in service for over a decade.

Other projects included:

  • An interface for the AT&T (then Pacific Bell) DSL ordering and provisioning backend
  • Maintained the tech support ticket tracker (developed in-house), added MIME email support
  • Built a website statistics generation package, including visualizations in Perl/GD (this was before decent stats/dataviz libraries existed)